The Soil & Crop Improvement Association of Nova Scotia (SCIANS) is a producer-based organization with the following objectives:

     - support the improvement of soils and crops through the adoption
       of best management practices (BMPs)
     - ensure competitiveness of the Nova Scotia agri-food industry
     - conduct farm-level research for the betterment of the Nova
       Scotia farming community.

Environmental Management Program (EMP). Formally Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Program (GHGMP)

A major focus of the SCIANS from 2002-2006 was the Environmental Management Program. SCIANS coordinated the EMP on behalf of the Soil Conservation Council of Canada (SCCC) for Nova Scotia. The program aimed to reduce GHG emissions while sustaining the economic viability of the farm by increasing farm-level awareness and adoption of BMP's related to soil, nutrient-management, cropping and livestock practices.

The EMP's 5 objectives were:

  • establish demonstrations of BMPs that mitigate GHG emissions
  • introduce applied research programs on selected demonstration sites
  • provide an extension component for producers on Canada's new offset system
  • provide field testing for AAFC Greenhouse Gas Calculator
  • national and regional communications of program results

The EMP ended March 31, 2007 with lobbying efforts still underway to revive the program for the 2007 fiscal year. A small amount of work is still being conducted by the NSAC and collaborating groups to continue with the EMP's important objectives.

For more information: Environmental Management Program

Nova Scotia Pasture Improvement Initiative (NSPII)

The Nova Scotia Pasture Improvement Initiative is a 3-year program aimed to create and promote an outreach program for pasture systems. It is specifically meant to support improvements in pasture efficiency and environmental sustainability. The project is supported by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s (AAFC) Greencover Canada program.

For more information: Nova Scotia Pasture Improvement Initiative

Economic Evaluation of Nutrient Management Plans (EENMP)

This project will involve an economics assessment of the value of nutrient management planning for producers in Nova Scotia. It will select 10 case study farms throughout the province and answer three main questions. What is the effect on the bottom line of the producers who implement a NMP, given certain variables? What is the sustainability of the NMP program under different amounts of external funding? What are the social benefits arising from the effects of NM planning.

It is a two year program that will gather information from as many producers and other sources as possible. The focus on the 10 case study farms will be around the Thomasbrook watershed.

For More information: Economic Evaluation of Nutrient Management Plans