Please contact us with your comments, questions, and inquiries. Specific contact information follows. Or, use the form at the bottom of this page.

For general inquiries:

 CAROL Versteeg, Executive Director

229 MacDonald, RR#1, Milford Station, B0N 1Y0                                                          

758-3530 Fax: 758-2974


For inquiries about your region, please contact your elected representative:

 TREVOR Forbes, President (Central) to 2015

583 Shore Road, Clifton, B6L 1T4

895-0732 Fax: 895-9402


TIM Marsh, Vice-president to 2015                                                      

1371 Avondale, Newport, B0N 2A0

757-1906 Fax: 757-3930


JIM Baillie; Eastern Representative to 2013

8395 Hwy 311 RR#5 Tatamagouche


657-2256 Fax: 657-0387                   


DUNCAN McCurdy, Central Representative
to 2013

837 Shore Road, Clifton B6L 1T4                                               

895-8932 Fax: 895-1532                                


ANDY Bishop, Western Representative to 2013                                                      

553 Marsh Rd., RR#1 Annapolis Royal B0S 1A0                                                    

532-0474 Fax: 532-7136


ANDREW Grant, Member at large to 2013

150 Moxsom Rd., RR#1, Milford Station, BON 1Y0

758-2551     Cell: 758-5385


DALE Archibald, Eastern Representative to 2015                                                   

751 East River Road, RR#5, New Glasgow, B2H 5C8

833-2626 Fax: 833-2626


ERIC Patterson, Western Representative to 2015                                                  

544 Ridge Rd., RR#1, Wolfville                                                       

542-3578 Fax: 542-0315

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